New arrivals on our shores this Feb 2023

Several shipments sailing in during the last days of 2022 have finally cleared and we are mostly set for you. Please do get in touch with further questions or remarks. We are happy to share our thoughts! Delays from the United States weren’t for the impatient, thus we are very pleased to share new arrivalsContinue reading “New arrivals on our shores this Feb 2023”

Organic Chardonnay from Limoux

The Languedoc region is vast, and we tend to forget the pockets of cooler climes such as Limoux, a region whose bottled-fermented sparkling precedes even fine Champagne. It appears that viticulteurs here have been silently working one some fine Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and sparkling wines that are sold all over France, but almost unheard ofContinue reading “Organic Chardonnay from Limoux”

Naked Wines, an exploration workshop at Another Story

Wine bars across our planet serve organic, biodynamic and natural (aka low intervention wines). What does it all mean and how do they taste? Come explore 6 options which should lead you further down the path or make you jump right back on to the conventional train. There is no right nor wrong, and a┬álotContinue reading “Naked Wines, an exploration workshop at Another Story”

The Naturalists from Antipodes

The last 10 years have seen many independent growers and winemakers emerge in many of today’s “cool” wine regions including Yarra, Adelaide Hills (Australia) or Canterbury (New Zealand). Most likely, these individuals traveled extensively, worked and tasted with the best winemakers, and scraped their pennies together to either buy or rent vineyards to grow healthyContinue reading “The Naturalists from Antipodes”