Fatalone, when the casual wine happens to be a grown up


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When we decided to try Pasquale’s Fatalone, we weren’t aware the estate is part of RAW Wine, and moving around the realm of Natural Wine Guru: Alice Feiring.

The aim was to locate a rich Southern Italian, made from organic grapes, that are tended by the owner and winemaker themselves. To our surprise, this unique bottle happens to taste classic, but also conforms to RAW’s strict selection process: organically farmed, using only own hand-picked grapes, low levels of sulphites, spontaneous fermentation and sustainable practices without sacrificing quality and taste.


We sadly never visited the region, but know from friends who spent a few week during summer, that this part of Italy is one of the most laid back. The food is of course locally grown, fresh, but with enhanced flavors from the fertile soils. Writers call it the Vegetarian Nirvana. One can easily over indulge on the finest olive oils and milky cheeses.

This Primitivo follows the organic process: natural ferment, contact with the skin for 240-300 hours at controlled temperature. Open-cycle process with frequent pumping of the must over the pomace. Natural malolactic fermentation. No addition of sulphites during the whole vinification process.  Only after the end of the malolactic, re-integration of the sulphites lost during the vinification steps to restore the initial natural value. Ageing is 6 months in stainless steel tanks, and 6 months in Slavonic oak casks with the application of music therapy for the fining process of the wine, 6 months in bottle.

Warm scents and typically fruity berries, slight of black sour cherries and plum with some spicy and balsamic notes waft from the glass. A perfect balance of smoothness, freshness and minerality. A ripe and generous wine with 15% alcoholic content.

(Jancis Robinson rated the 2014 with 16.5 out of 20 points.)

Adrian Tramier, the Medoc Outsider


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old photo

According to an article in the Wine Enthusiast (Oct 28), contributor Roger Voss explains “This (Medoc & Cru Bourgeois) is the real Bordeaux: wines made with the same care as those from the famed Crus Classés, by families that have often been in the same place for generations.”

tramier vineyard

The many families here make outstanding wines, in the traditional sense, and when a Pied Noir, Tramier is of Algerian descent, moved in to make wine his way, and garnering awards from the local wine competitions, local eye brows were raised, especially since his style is so distinct. It has been a while since colleagues told Tramier “Your wine is good but it does not belong in the Médoc.” Today, he is part of group of burgeoning winemakers in the Northern Medoc appellation, who brings forth a deeper richer, and juicier style of Bordeaux.

The palate of the 2008 is mellow, the bouquet is layered with deep ripe cherry, underbrush, strawberry jam notes. You will find yourself reaching out for yet another, and another sip.

The 2009 was reviewed and awarded 16.5 / 20 by Jancis Robinson, MW

saint saturnin bottle

The below article by Jancis Robinson is an excellent review of the man and his idiosyncratic ways:

by Jancis Robinson, appeared in the Financial Times on Nov 13, 2010

On the day last June when Bordeaux second growth Château Cos d’Estournel announced the opening price for its 2009 vintage of €150 a bottle, I visited a wine producer less than 10 miles north-west of this famous St-Estèphe property. Adrien Tramier, owner of the much more modest Château St-Saturnin, had not yet decided on the price of his 2009. This was hardly surprising since, instead of being plugged into the rapacious rhythms of the Bordeaux place (merchants’ wine market), he sells when he feels like it. His average price per bottle from the cellars is under €10 and he was sure that he would not be asking more than €15 even for the most sought-after vintage ever, the 2009.

Tramier is unusual in so many ways that it is hard to decide in which order to list them. He uses no oak from choice. He still has some wine in tank from the first year he was proud of. That year was 1975 – yes, the village of Bégadan in the northern Médoc harbours some 35-year-old wine in bulk, in extremely appetising condition. In fact I’d say that Château St-Saturnin 1975 is much fruitier, more interesting and delicious than most of the far more high-flown 1975 red bordeaux I have tasted in recent years.

It perhaps goes without saying that Tramier is extremely idiosyncratic. His long-suffering oenologist partner Catherine rolled her eyes when he claimed never to be stressed and sighed, “It’s very demanding to work his long hours. He may suddenly decide to do some winemaking operation at 11pm.” He admits that he sleeps for only four or so hours a night, restlessly essaying new techniques and improvisations. “I can’t help always looking for something different. I’ve done it ever since I was a child,” he told me, eyes sparkling above his Father Christmas white beard. Certainly I cannot remember meeting another Bordeaux wine producer who received me in an open black silk shirt and carefully pressed jeans, nor one who wandered off in the opposite direction when I arrived at what he calls “my modest farm”.

His property in the under-populated northern Médoc looks more like a hillbilly encampment than a conventional wine château. There are breeze-block sheds, cylindrical tanks on their sides rusting at one end, larger upright steel tanks in the open air, casually jacketed with what looks like silver foil blankets. But there are certainly precedents for excellent wine emerging from such unsophisticated settings. Sean Thackrey’s California wines and Château Rayas in Châteauneuf-du-Pape spring immediately to mind.

Tramier landed in Marseille from Algeria in 1964 and went initially to study in Montpellier where his sister lived. He came to Bordeaux to look at a possible little wine property in the far east of the Entre-Deux-Mers region that a fellow pied noir, a lawyer, had found for him, but threw dice for it with another potential buyer and lost. Further pied noir contacts found him three hectares (ha) of vines in Bégadan (he now has 37ha around this village and the next), which he worked half and half with the previous owner to begin with. By 1975 he had established his very particular way of working but, he added wistfully, “I’ll never be integrated here. I’d like to return to Algeria one day, and I wouldn’t view it through the eyes of today but with all my childhood memories. I’m ill at ease here.”

I suspect he’d be ill at ease wherever he was. Tramier seems determined to question the status quo and is one of those rare wine producers who really does seem to be making wine for himself rather than for the market or the wine critics. Although he is constantly fiddling with it, his basic recipe is to grow the grapes – mainly old, small-berried Merlot with about 35 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon and 5 per cent Cabernet Franc, predictably the reverse of the usual proportions in the Médoc. For the past 15 years he has averaged only three sprayings a year in the vineyard, a record low for the damp climate of Bordeaux. And while for most of his neighbours the harvest is usually over by the end of September, he rarely picks (by machine; he had one of the first back in 1980) before the end of October. He somehow manages however to keep these extremely ripe grapes completely healthy, presumably helped by very low average yields of about 25 hectolitres per hectare. He then keeps the fermenting juice on the skins for months rather than days or weeks, exposing the young wine outside to the cold of winter and the warmth of summer. Last June he had only just taken his spicy 2009 off the skins.

As you may imagine, his wines taste very unlike the rather austere, light-bodied norm for the northern Médoc – the flavours are all bumptious, frank, tail-wagging fruit without any oak make-up. This has caused a certain amount of friction with the local wine authorities who have apparently told him, “Monsieur Tramier, there are 900 growers here. There is only one that disturbs us: you. Your wine is good but it does not belong in the Médoc.” It caused quite a stir locally when his 2005 won a gold medal.

I asked Tramier how he decides when to bottle. He frowned. “Some vintages I keep, others I bottle. There are no rules here.” The director of the official laboratory in Pauillac, who introduced me to Tramier, told me later, “He sells only when he needs the money. Then he tends to contact me, always in a hurry: ‘Can I meet you by the roadside somewhere so you can analyse my samples and then I can start bottling?’”

I see that currently his 2001 vintage is being sold at Auchan supermarkets in France, so there is clearly some commercial process involved, but when I asked how he sells his wine, I was told, “Money is not my aim. Harvests I like, money not so much. Fric? I live very modestly. When you arrive in France with nothing, you learn to do that. I don’t lack anything, which is why I allow myself these fantasies of making wine.”

Bordeaux is too often seen as exclusively a region of grand wine, high prices and predictable people, but there are vivid exceptions too.”


Cru Beaujolais, why Gamay needs to be your new Pinot Noir


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We think its time to share the excitement for wines coming from southern Burgundy, and make Gamay your next Pinot Noir! There is simply no better value in the market right now for fine wines. Join us and 3 other importers at this tasting, which also falls on the kick off date for Beaujolais Nouveau campaign 2019. That’s on Nov 21st! To book please call Thyme Eatery Tel 02 678 133


Come taste wines from young and dynamic growers, and also the older established families that are farming Gamay and Chardonnay organically and capturing a lot of space of wine lists around the world. These are delicious wines that will surely capture your heart.

We will be sampling the following 5 wines La Souer Cadette, a Bourgogne Blanc from Macon and their Julienas, then Richard Rottiers’ Moulin A Vent, Anne Sophie Dubois’ Fleurie plus from the Touraine also Clos du Tue Boeuf La Butte, a Gamay grown in the Loire.

Other names present this evening include Bret Brothers, Domaine Lafarge, Thibault Liger Belair, Deux Montille, La Soufrandiere, Terres Dorees, Domaine de Fa, and Jean Foillard.

Tickets are Thb 1,000 and include a food voucher for Thb 500 to be used the same evening. Taste 20 wines or order any at special thb 200 by the glass


Rajat Parr in Bangkok


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We have been working with Raj and his wines since 2015. Initially only Sandhi Wines, then Evening Lands from Oregon and lastly also with the Pinot Noir specialist Domaine de la Cote. Each year, we grab the tiny allocation for Thailand, and are pleased to present them to you with the winemaker, communicator,  author and sommelier in tow.

Rajat Parr event cover

If you are a wine buff, you might know Raj from the Netflix documentary #somm. But his efforts was really to push a new style of Californian wines by helping set up IN SEARCH OF BALANCE, a small collection of artisan-grown wineries, that believed in “the more subtle, nuanced wines” of the Golden State. Now ceased to exist. But his efforts continue in the vineyards around Santa Barbara.

Join as at Siri House in Soi Somkid, where Raj will be happy to meet and share his knowledge, love & passion of wine. To book please call 094 868 2639

Talk  & Tasting 7pm to 8pm at Jacqueline

At Jacqueline, a bar located on the 2nd floor of Siri House, Raj will discuss excerpts from his latest book “Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste” and also taste 3 of his current releases including Sandhi Wine from the Central Coast and Evening Land Vineyards in Oregon.

Sandhi Wine Chardonnay Santa Rita 2015, Central Coast

Sandhi Wine Pinot Noir Santa Rita 2016, Central Coast

Evening Land Vineyards Pinot Noir Seven Springs 2015, Oregon

Seats are Thb 1,000 net for snacks and a taste of 3 wines. Limited to 30 persons.

sandhi bottle

Dinner reservation at Quince from 630pm onwards

Chef Charlie will prepare a 4-course menu with choices for thb 1,500++. The wine pairing for 4 glasses of the very special bottlings is thb 1,800++

Rajat food menu

Domaine de la Cote

In the 2018 article BEYOND BURGUNDY by Jancis Robinson MW, she mentions “It is no longer the case that the Côte d’Or has a monopoly on fine Pinot productionA new documentary film called SOMM3* (in which I was invited to participate), includes the story of the Judgment of Paris, the 1976 blind tasting of Californian and French wines whose results upturned the assumptions of the global wine trade. In the denouement of the new film, Fred Dame, a leading American Master Sommelier, along with Steven Spurrier, the veteran British wine writer and instigator of the 1976 tasting, and I taste two very smart burgundies and a Pinot Noir from southern California blind. Spoiler alert: my preferred wine was the American, a Domaine de la Côte from Sta. Rita Hills.”

Rajat wine menu

Tables can be booked at individual times. We hope to meet you there.

Domaine des Enfants, Cotes Catalanes


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Some good friends from the far reaches of France have arrived in Bangkok! From Maury and surrounding area, this part of the South is extremely isolated. Off the beaten path seems almost too kind.

Domaine des Enfants Harvest Party, 2017

But like the few newcomers to the area at the foothills of the Pyrenees, Carrie & Marcel, are carving out some fantastically wild wines from the textural and saline Macabeo, as well as Syrah, Grenache and also Lladoner Pelut or hairy Grenache. The French authorities have recognized Cotes Catalanes as an IGP, which helps to distinguish the area from the larger Roussillon region, however when organic growers, ferment naturally, and age their wines different, the last resort may just be a Vin de France classification, which as you may know, if now brimming with some of the best names in any region.

There are two events in Bangkok on Nov 19th 2019

Taan, Siam @ Siam Hotel. To book call Tel 065 328 7374. 10 course meal with 4 wines. Marcel who takes care of the vineyards will explain his work through Chef Monthep’s meal. Probably 6-8 seats are left.

taan_wine menu_2

Carrie will be at Cocotte, offering their full range including 3 reds and the sweet fortified Maury. To book please call Tel 092 664 6777. You can pop in to taste the wines by glass, as set, or with their specialty cuts of beef.

Cocotte Domaine Enfants wine menu Nov 19 2019

Lorenzo Begali, Veneto


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Begali is a family run winery producing a total of 1,000 cases only. The vineyards cover 18 acres in the rolling hills of a commune of Valpolicella, called Cengia. The name Cengia translates to ledges, and is derived from the physical appearance of these Alpine foothills.


The vines are planted in a specific area known as Ca’Bianca. The winery was started after World War II when grandfather Giordano began to produce wine from the region’s native grape varieties – Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. It was his son, Lorenzo, together with his wife Adriana – the current owners of the winery – who started to market the wine in 1986. Today, their children Giordano and Tiliana play active roles in the winery.

This ripasso is a red wine of medium structure with good character, aged 12 months in oak barrels. The bouquet is intense, with notes of black currant, eucalyptus, dried flowers and roasting. The taste is consistent with the nose, determined, dry and very smooth.


Monica Larner of Robert Parker writes “There is plenty of cherry sweetness to the 2016 Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore la Cengia, with fresh, plump berries and some candied cherry in there as well. I love that bright intensity. This wine would work well with a traditional Venetian bigoli con l’anatra (pasta with duck sauce), thanks to its tonic and fresh quality of fruit, all spread over a mid-weight mouthfeel.” Drink 2019 to 2025 and 90+ points

Upcoming wine events in Bangkok


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Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Alexander German Eatery is conveniently located in Ekamai Soi 12. Join us and It’s Riesling between 3-6pm – to taste will be a selection of 20 wines from Germany, Austria and Alsace. The ticket price is thb 1,000 per person and includes a thb 500 food voucher for the restaurant. You will be tasting wines from Zusslin, Ziereisen, Trapl, Rabl, Gruber, Fritsch and Zillinger. Our partners It’s Riesling will offer wines from Schloss Vaux, Pauly Bergweiler, Knipser, Seehof, Kreydenweiss, Friedrich Becker, and Dreissigacker.

To book please email marketing@winegarage.asia

Teutonic wine

Friday, October 25th, 2019

The last time Bill Downie came to Bangkok was in 2014. Hence we are ecstatic to welcome him again; this time with his buddy from Baw Baw shire, Patrick Sullivan. These are two of Australia’s most recognized winemakers, and for the special occasion Chef Fay of the Front Room of the Waldorf Astoria, has created a special 5-course menu priced at thb 3,500++ including wines. To book please call the hotel Tel 02 846 8888. Individual tables, come at your own time.



Yellowtail amberjack fish – Rice Mayo – Coconut top – Ferment Pineapple Dressing

Jumpin Juice Gee Dub NV

The Tartar

Lam Tartar – Truffle cream – Pickled Papaya

Patrick Sullivan Waterskin 2018

River Prawns

Cauliflower – Herb oil – Fermented Soybean Sauce

Patrick Sullivan Baw Baw Field Blend White 2017

36 Hours Beef

Short Rib – Morning Glory – Winter Melon – Asian Sauce

William Downie Pinot Noir Cathedral 2018

William Downie Pinot Noir Baw Baw ’18

Heat Transfer

Berry sorbet – Berry – Chocolate Mousse

Sweet Bites

Selection of Petit Fours


Saturday, October 26th, 2019

To get your hands on the great domaines of Burgundy, you need a good connection. We are pleased to welcome Patricia Corcia, of Prestige des Grands Vins de France back, who will be sharing stories about life in the Cote d’Or and open these fabulous wines to taste: R&V Dauvissat Chablis 2014, Coche Dury Bourgogne Blanc 2016, Pierre Ravaut Ladoix 1er Cru La Corvee 2016, Alain Michelot Nuits St Georges 1er Vaucrains 2011 and Domaine Serafin Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes 2003. Seats are thb 2,500++ and includes extensive cheese and cold cut board. Limited to 12 seats. To book please call Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar Tel 02 656 1133.

Tuesday, Nov 5th 2019

Una Mas at the Centara Grand at Central World is the leading Spanish restaurant in Bangkok. Chef Sandro will create a premium tapas board to welcome Eulogio Pomares (Zarate in Rias Baixas) and his friend Raul Perez (Bierzo) . While Albarino has taken over the white wine section for seafood pairing, many here are still unfamiliar with the red Mencia grape. Please join us and meet these two cult producers, who will showcases a white, an orange wine, and three renditions of the Mencia grape. Wine and food is thb 1,800 net person. To book please call the hotel Tel  02 100 6255.

Tuesday, Nov 5th 2019

Fabio Chiareletto is enjoying the ride to the top of estates located in Tuscany’s Maremma. He will be pleased to meet you and taste a few wines with About Eatery owner and sommelier Giulio Saverino. We are still finalizing details, however please save the date and call the restaurant for further questions. Tel 092 907 2191

Thursday, Nov 7th 2019

Austrian Wine Week will take place in Bangkok and Chiang Mai from Nov 4-10th. While it will be the time to venture to several participating outlets and drink Austrian wines with both Thai and western food, we also have a fun-vibe dinner planned at the Crystal Box in Gaysorn Village. Please join us at Rock Me Amadeus, a communal dinner to celebrate what else: Schnitzel, Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt, while listening to DJ Justin Mills mix tunes from Falco et al.


The 4-course menu including 3 glasses of wine is thb 2,500++ and can be booked directly by calling Mob 0649041963 or Tel 02 535 3999 . Email Khun Nadear eventsales@gaysornurbanresort.com



Clos des Chezeaux, Gevrey Chambertin


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Amelie Berthaut – a few years ago the up and coming young winemaker, who returned from abroad, is already today a highly respected vigneron in her home town of Fixin in Burgundy. Both her parents are from winemaking lineage, owning the Domaine Denis Berthaut as well as Domaine Gerbet, which she now merged into Domaine Berthaut-Gerbet. The holdings expand beyond Fixin down to Vosne Romanee.

Her grandfather leased some vineyards from the Mercier family in Gevrey Chambertin since the late 1940s, and is now part of Domaine des Chezeaux. And this particular Clos des Chezeaux lies within the closed walls of Domaine des Chezeaux but isn’t a monopole due to the wine being used in both des Chezeaux and Berthaut Gerbet bottlings.

The particulars are old vines planted in 1929, 1941, and 1985. Located at mid-slope at 290-meters elevation. The soils are deep, clay-rich, with some gravels and cobbles. For this wine Amelie fermented 50% whole cluster, used mostly pump-overs with some punch-downs, and of course indigenous yeast to ferment in concrete tanks. The old vine cuvee was aged for 12 months in barrel of which 25% is new.

bottleWe find the 2016 soft textured, velvety and already very enjoyable to drink. This textbook Gevrey has lovely floral aromatics, ripe red cherries, leather and meatiness to it. To order email order@winegarage.asia

The free spirited Raul Perez


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We love to work with individuals, who are in tune with their respective terroir. But of course some of these creative spirits always evolve, step by step, or as with Raul in leaps and bounds – such is their nature.


Born and raised in Bierzo, an area known for hilly valleys, and nearby Santiago de Compostela; this secluded region is loaded with soil rife with granite and slate, and is influenced by the Atlantic ocean. Raul creates several red wines from Mencia grape, which can be fragrant, delicate and fruity but also structured and tannic depending how it has been raised; there are camps that call it the “Pinot Noir of Spain”, while others are reminded of Cabernet Franc.

This fine entry-level is named Ultreia Saint Jacques. An easy to understand style by the whole-cluster wizard and Mencia specialist. The Decanter explains it was “fermented with natural yeast in old oak tanks using 100% stems and no temperature control. It undergoes malo in tank and then spends one year in old barrels. There’s no remontage or pigeage, and he works without sulphites.”

For us this vintage is less acidic as normal, and could blindly be guessed a floral Cotes du Rhone. Raul will visit Bangkok around 3rd and 4th November. Please contact us for planned events with him and Eulogio Pomares of Zarate.



“This is one of the best values from Bierzo and Spain, and a great introduction to Bierzo. It’s a more serious wine than what the wine was when it was first produced, fresh and elegant. It’s very reliable and a great value.” 93 points by Luis Gutierrez writing for Robert Parker.

A great fall is coming up!


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This certainly looks like an action packed year end. We try our best to keep our heads above water. Some of the events are final, however many details can only be communicated at a later stage. For below, please email kim@winegarage.asia , and we will send you the full information as soon as they become available. Before we start off with what is happening in September, please save the below dates, if you are keen to meet some of the stars of the wine scene:

  • October 25-26th William Downie and Patrick Sullivan, Victoria, Australia
  • November 4-5th Eulogio Pomares of Zarate, Rias Baixas, Spain
  • November 7th Rock me Amadeus, or the great Schnitzel feast (Gaysorn)
  • November 8th Numen series dinner by Johannes Zillinger and Patrick Martens (Riedel Wine Bar)
  • November 19-20th Domaine des Enfants from Cotes Catalanes, south of France
  • November 22 Rajat Parr, one of the best palates on earth, and winemaker of Sandhi, Domaine de la Cote and Evenings Lands, USA
  • Dec 12-16 Wonderfruit Festival in Pattaya

Saturday, August 31, 2019

A dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya river. Board the Manohra at the Anantara Riverside 630pm, and enjoy the lights, delights and organic, biodynamic wine until 930pm. Seats are thb 2,900 net per person. Let us know and we will book for you at a special rate.

Maonhra Wine-Pairing

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

The recently renovated Appia in Sukhumvit Soi 31 if offering night of southern Italian specialties. Chef Miro’s will prepare a special menu and you will be able to enjoy organic wines from Marco Carpineti in Lazio, Fattoria La Rivolta in Campanio and an unsual amphora aged Nero d’Avola from Brash Higgins in McLaren Vale, Australia. To book please call 02 261 2056.

appia bangkok

Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Portugal Rising at Funky Lam Kitchen, Thonglor 11. Come meet Adam and Leila, who can tell you a little about some of the juicy tipples coming out of Portugal, and its not Port wine. Savior a pet nat by Aphros, mineral white by Anselmo Mendes and Niepoort, densely fruited red by Zambujeiro, and also the versatile Madeira from Barbeito, which can be served as an aperitif or cocktail. To book please call tel 02 050 0469.

Portugal Rising Funky Lam Sep 5 2019

Saturday, September 7th, 2019

As part of the extensive World Gourmet Fair week, Wine Garage has paired a couple of wines for the menu of one Michelin star dinner by Virtus from Paris. Cocktails at 7pm and seats are thb 7,500++ each including wine pairing. To book please call 02126 8866 Ext. 1707 or email wgf.asia@anantara.com


Saturday, September 14th, 2019

“Pop and Pour” at Siwilai City Club (Central Embassy) is a sneak peak into the world of unconventional wines: wines that you are likely to find when dining out in Paris, London, New York or Tokyo.  We have laid out a range of 16 wines, according to the vineyard management and winemaking philosophy.  You can take your time to explore each table, taste and discuss the nuances that these living wines bring to the palate, with good food and tunes to be accompanied during the event. More importantly, we hope you enjoy yourself and have a great time!

Tickets available at the door and on ticketmelon.com.  Act fast as this a a limited capacity event!


Saturday, September 14th, 2019

The second installation of the Moon & Wine series at Char, Indigo Hotel on Wireless Road offers biodynamic wine and a 7-course menu. To make your reservations call Tel 02 207 4999, or let us know, we can assist. Special price is thb 3,000++ for set or you can also enjoy the dishes and wines a la carte. The pairing this time is with wines from Christoph Hoch, Domaine Goisot, Claus Preisinger, Brash Higgins, Patrick Sullivan, Domaine de la Chevalerie, and Equipo Navazos.


Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Issan Classic Vol 2 features homeboy Chalee Kader of 100 Mahaseth with Chef Num from Samuay & Sons in Udon, as well the Bossman, Por Sawat, from Khonkaen. Together they will dig deep into the Northeastern culture. To book please call Tel 02-235-0023. Guaranteed fun and adventure! Set menu is thb 2,400 per person.

100 Mahaseth

Saturday, September 21st, 2019

Our next wine workshop at Another Story, EMQuartier, will be a joint event with Kad Kokao, the dedicatedly Thai chocolate maker off Suan Plu road. Together we will be tasting and talking about the sourcing of these fine beans, and also the sweet and fortified wines that accompany them. Session starts at 530pm and ends before 7pm. We will be tasting a 20 year old Loire sweet, Madeira, Port wine and Sherry. To book, seats are thb 1,000 each,  please email anotherstory@themall.co.th


Hope this is of interest, and see you soon!