Great wine must have individuality, and individuality often means small, just like one’s garage, a place where one uses one’s hands to create and fine-tune something dear to us.

There are places on this planet uniquely destined for making great wines.  These vineyards – some existing and others being re-discovered – have proven time and again that nature-nurtured grapes, minimally handled by man, make for distinctive, even mind-boggling, wines.

Handcrafted wines by quality-minded producers who use traditional processes to help the wines fully express their unique origins are what is cherished by wine lovers.

Over the years I opened many thousand bottles at work or from my cellar and enjoyed them with friends, family, and colleagues.  I keep track using a simple score – reflecting the complexity as much as the enjoyment it brings, while disregarding the price.

With this blog up and running, I will continue do the same, rating the wines between 1 and 5 (highest) stars, and adding a short note.

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