Great wine must have individuality, and individuality often means small, just like one’s garage, a place where one uses one’s hands to create and fine-tune something dear to us.

There are places on this planet uniquely destined for making great wines.  These vineyards – some existing and others being re-discovered – have proven time and again that nature-nurtured grapes, minimally handled by man, make for distinctive, even mind-boggling, wines.

Handcrafted wines by quality-minded producers who use traditional processes to help the wines fully express their unique origins are what is cherished by wine lovers.

Over the years I opened many thousand bottles at work or from my cellar and enjoyed them with friends, family, and colleagues.  I keep track using a simple score – reflecting the complexity as much as the enjoyment it brings, while disregarding the price.

With this blog up and running, I will continue do the same, rating the wines between 1 and 5 (highest) stars, and adding a short note.

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  1. I guess I’m doing the same with my own wine adventures that go back almost 50 years now. Our travels around Europe have always been driven by “culture” of which food and drink is an essential element. I look forward to reading more of your views and experiences.

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