Fabulous Langhe Nebbiolo from Hilberg Pasquero

Producers in the Langhe zone need to work extra hard to obtain the same recognition as their brethren in Alba (Barbaresco / Barolo). A sad truth, as their work is no less diligent, in fact the contrary, when ensuring plenty of life in their vineyards. One such producer are Annette and Michelangelo of Hilberg Pasquero.Continue reading “Fabulous Langhe Nebbiolo from Hilberg Pasquero”

Marietta based in Geyserville, Sonoma

Scott Bilbro, one of Chris’ 4 sons, who took over the winery explains about this wine “The sum is greater than the parts. It was inspired by the old field-blend blocks and cooking with his (Chris) friends. It put Marietta on the map and has been a great connector. He’d blend on the hoof forContinue reading “Marietta based in Geyserville, Sonoma”

A sweet wine primer

Sweeet wines were the most prized tipple in the 19th century, often costing more then the highly regarded chateaux of Bordeaux. Most regions, depending on the location, over time learnt to create specialty wines with names we might not be familiar with. Those producer’s range, will likely include a sweet wine – meaning not fermentedContinue reading “A sweet wine primer”

Antonio Madeira, Dao Highlands

Portugal is remarkable for finding value and offers wines of character from indigenous varietals. Even if the Douro has cemented itself as the oldest demarcated region in the world, their red wines only became more familiar about 20 years ago. So how can one compare them to the reds of the Dao? At the moreContinue reading “Antonio Madeira, Dao Highlands”