Glorious whites by Eulogio Pomares, Rias Baixas

It’s hard to believe that bottles from this region rarely made an appearance outside of Galicia until the 1990s. But once restaurants in London and New York got a taste for these thirst quenching and aromatic dry whites wines, there was no holding back. Dr. Guenther, a Wine Garage partner visited Eulogio, the professore amongContinue reading “Glorious whites by Eulogio Pomares, Rias Baixas”

The legendary Alejandro Fernandez

We are too far apart, and don’t know the full story of the family feud during his last year’s of life, so will only focus on the legacy of his prime during the 1980-1990s. Spanish wine, and yes also food, wasn’t popular, and this one man’s mission made a great impact, at the same timeContinue reading “The legendary Alejandro Fernandez”