Fatalone, when the casual wine happens to be a grown up

When we decided to try Pasquale’s Fatalone, we weren’t aware the estate is part of RAW Wine, and moving around the realm of Natural Wine Guru: Alice Feiring. The aim was to locate a rich Southern Italian, made from organic grapes, that are tended by the owner and winemaker themselves. To our surprise, this uniqueContinue reading “Fatalone, when the casual wine happens to be a grown up”

Adrian Tramier, the Medoc Outsider

According to an article in the Wine Enthusiast (Oct 28), contributor Roger Voss explains “This (Medoc & Cru Bourgeois) is the real Bordeaux: wines made with the same care as those from the famed Crus Class├ęs, by families that have often been in the same place for generations.” The many families here make outstanding wines,Continue reading “Adrian Tramier, the Medoc Outsider”