Coche Dury, perhaps the finest white wine in the world

There is a place, somewhere off the beaten path, which we are unable to divulge. This restaurant is owned by a chef and avid wine collector, who for many years traveled to Burgundy and Champagne to find vinous jewels. This is where I first came across a Coche Dury, and realized there is no otherContinue reading “Coche Dury, perhaps the finest white wine in the world”

Wines with roots deep into nature

For this ever improving music, art and food festival in Pattaya, we select some squeaky pure wines from our winemaking partners, who farm without chemicals and make wines by….not really doing much! The buzzword du jour is low intervention wines. We are excited to pour a few Jauma wines that are unlike many natural wines: extremely easyContinue reading “Wines with roots deep into nature”