Garage Wine Co., Chile

Like many wine lovers with an eye on Europe, we probably haven’t looked close enough to see what is happening in Chile, Argentina, and South Africa. There has been a fair deal of innovation and a good deal of movement into the classy realm of fine wines allowing small estates to capture part of theContinue reading “Garage Wine Co., Chile”

Austrian Wine Week, Bangkok

We are super excited to be offering an array of Austrian varietals around some of Bangkok’s finest dining establishments from 1-5th October.   Franz, founder of Tastes of Austria and myself were both working in New York City around the millennium, but our paths crossed a few years later during a trade visit to Tokio.Continue reading “Austrian Wine Week, Bangkok”

Wine talk Sep 8th at 6pm – the New Australia at Riedel Wine Bar

The New Australia is having a moment now. Freshness and nuance have taken over from sweetness and impact. Many young winemaker’s and celebrated names make no rules hold wines from the Adelaide Hills, to McLaren Vale and Yarra Valley. They bottled pet nat, skin contact and other crazy blended low-fi wines lean towards the naturalistContinue reading “Wine talk Sep 8th at 6pm – the New Australia at Riedel Wine Bar”

Les Vendanges wine fair Sep 6-9th

Gaysorn Village invites to a series of exclusive events on the theme “Gaysorn Menllennial” this September “Gaysorn Menllennial is an interactive event where gentlemen, epicureans and those with meticulous taste can share inspiration for living life to the fullest in their own unique ways. This is the driving force behind the stylish transformation of GaysornContinue reading “Les Vendanges wine fair Sep 6-9th”