Domaine Fondreche Persia, Mont Ventoux

Domaine de Fondrèche was founded by Nanou Barthelémy who purchased the property in 1993. A few years later her son, Sébastien Vincenti, started to make the wines after spending his formative years at leading estates in Chateauneuf du Pape. Through his dedicated work, following natural leaders such as Didier Dagueneau, recognition began to build forContinue reading “Domaine Fondreche Persia, Mont Ventoux”

The grand daddy from Getariako

Of course the first taste of Txacoli was in New York City, sometime during the late 1990’s. Various hard to book seafood bars were serving this fizzy white with the unpronounceable grape called Hondarrabi Zuri. Its easy, yet also one of the great mineralic wines to pair literally with any kind of food. Txomin EtxanizContinue reading “The grand daddy from Getariako”