Ladredo, Ribeira Sacra

The constant search and willingness to learn more led Dirk Niepoort to the beautiful and impressive Galician wine region of Ribeira Sacra. With the help of a Spanish winemaker who knew well the region, a traditional vineyard, called Ladredo, was found on the slopes of River Sil. It is planted in small terraces, with stoneContinue reading “Ladredo, Ribeira Sacra”

Montepeloso, Tuscany’s gentle giants

Spending time with Fabio Chiarelotto, a self-taught winemaker and former historian is always a joy. Maybe its his Swiss-Italian background, perhaps his take on life that makes conversation eventful. He bought the 6.5 hectare estate in 1999 with a mere 10,000 Swiss Francs and big support from friends. Looking back today, he says he gambledContinue reading “Montepeloso, Tuscany’s gentle giants”