The rolling hills are made for great wine

The rigid rules for making Brunello di Montalcino –  100 % Sangiovese, minimum ageing for at least 48 months, of which 24 of them in barrels, before release – has been the prime motivation for officials to create the Rosso di Montalcino designation in the 1980s. The press soon coined these – also pure Sangiovese butContinue reading “The rolling hills are made for great wine”

Fun times in Waipara, New Zealand

  Suppose most Riesling lovers on their way to becoming fanatics are those who have figured out the structured Alsatian from the finessed German and the fruit intense wines from Austria. Along the way they will also have tasted some Australian Riesling from the Clare and Eden Valley – you gotta love lime here – andContinue reading “Fun times in Waipara, New Zealand”