A gift of gold

The village of Meursault ranks among the 3 most illustrious names for white Burgundy (Chardonnay) with Puligny Montrachet and neighboring Chassagne Montrachet. While there aren’t any Grand Cru vineyards the very best 1er crus are distinctive with fatness, richness and nutty-butteriness. Surely on the top of every collector’s favorite will be Coche Dury or Comte Lafon, knownContinue reading “A gift of gold”

Your new go to wine

Portugal seems to be on everyone’s bucket list, and surely not because it’s offering great value, but is still very authentic, not too crowded, and has some of the freshest seafood on earth.   The wines on the other hand, split hairs – but this could very well be because the good stuff hasn’t alwaysContinue reading “Your new go to wine”

The emerald wine from the Wachau

White wines resonating an unmatched pedigree come from either Chablis, the Cote d’Or, German Grosse/Erste Gewachs, or the Wachau, and neighboring regions in Austria. The Smaragd wine “is the name for the best, most treasured wines from the Vinea Wachau members. The alcohol content of these wines begin at 12.5% by volume. This, along withContinue reading “The emerald wine from the Wachau”