Endrici’s Serpaia Morellino di Scansano

Before heading south to Tuscany, the Endrici established one of the oldest wineries in Trentino, northern Italy in 1885. The wines are made at the foothills of the Dolomites where mild Mediterranean climate meets cool air from the Alps. Today, Paolo, the 4th generation, with his wife and two children, both graduates of the prestigiousContinue reading “Endrici’s Serpaia Morellino di Scansano”

Churton, new world wine tempered with old world style

Churton was established in 1997 by Sam and Mandy Weaver. From site selection and bio-dynamic practices through to low intervention winemaking, Churton produces exceptional terroir driven wines. Churton is a 22 hectare single vineyard and encompasses an undulating ridge line between the Omaka and Waihopai valleys in Marlborough, New Zealand. 200 metres above sea level,Continue reading “Churton, new world wine tempered with old world style”

Montenidoli, a wine from a different era

Travelling through the wine world, we come across many special locales and meet artists as well as technologically-sound winemakers, whose wines ring up excellent scores from reviewers. Being around nature, those involved in the trade are well connected with the environment, and every once in a while we arrive in a place where there isContinue reading “Montenidoli, a wine from a different era”

Atlan & Artisan 8 Vents, made by the winds

A long time ago, I made the mistake believing Mallorca is where Germans go on holiday to drink beer, lots of beer at Ballermann. Little did I know that one day I would contemplate living there – enjoying the mild climate, scenic countryside, and pristine waters – and most importantly with access to major EuropeanContinue reading “Atlan & Artisan 8 Vents, made by the winds”