Cims de Porrera – reflections of black slate

Cims de Porrera was founded in 1996 with the aim of exploiting the full potential of the vineyards of the village of Porrera in the Priorat Qualified Designation of Origin (Q.D.O.). Some of the vineyards are over 100 years old and consist mainly of the Carignan variety, which is highly prized for its colour, tanninsContinue reading “Cims de Porrera – reflections of black slate”

Spanish Steps dinner at Bunker, May 7-9th, 2017

We are extremely pleased to work with Arnie Marcella, Chef and Andreas Pergher, Beverage Director, on this menu and wine pairing, which traces back Arnie’s history and stories. The above 4-course menu is thb 2,250++ with optional wine pairing  at thb 1,500++. Recently, the dining front of our City of Angels seems to progress faster thanContinue reading “Spanish Steps dinner at Bunker, May 7-9th, 2017”