Vasco Croft, winemaker Aphros, Portugal

Vinho Verde is the most northern wine region of Portugal, bordering with Spain’s Galicia. For this reason, the Albarinho grape is also prevalent here. Typically the light-bodied Vinho Verdes will be a blend Loureiro, Avesso and Alvarinho, each contributing a fair share to acidity, aroma and body. While thank god, the fizz in the wine hasContinue reading “Vasco Croft, winemaker Aphros, Portugal”

Wine suggestions Miznon @ Quince-Eatery & Bar from April 18-23

Paris’ hottest Israeli street eatery makes its return to Bangkok. If you join us at Quince this week, you can enjoy Chef Pierre Bouko-Levy’s fresh and savory dishes with some of our new wines or latest vintages. Typically, the fuller reds from the Mediterranean regions with their red fruit profile and spicy and savory notes areContinue reading “Wine suggestions Miznon @ Quince-Eatery & Bar from April 18-23”