25 year old Christoph Hoch can build upon 370 years of winemaking tradition in his family and training at renowned wineries in Austria and Italy. He focusses completely on expressing the character of the unique rock formation “Hollenburger Konglomerat” and the special micro-climate of his home Hollenburg in his wines. The “Hollenburg conglomerate” is very rich in chalk, an essential requirement for the varieties cultivated, assuring a minerality and spiciness and a specific mouth-feel. Christoph’s high knowledge of geological and other natural peculiarities lead to his decision to work bio-dynamic in the vineyards according to Demeter – regulations. The wines are fermented spontaneously and different pressing systems (pneumatic, screw press) and processing strategies are applied for every lot of wine to gain the widest possible spectrum of flavours and structures. To achieve the optimum he is working with more than just one vintage in his wines.


View overlooking Kremstal


Showing of the various herbs grown in his vineyards, which are used in his herbal essence sprays in the vineyard.


Christoph makes only 3 wines. A Gruner Veltliner, a Riesling, and above a PetNat, in his hands.


Explaining his chart of drink-ability, barrel by barrel.


His underground cellar has natural temperature around 15 degrees Celsius.