Belondrade Y Lurton, a Grand Cru for 20+ years

Rueda has a fine-wine making tradition dating back centuries, especially the local white grape variety, Verdejo, has been regarded the best of Spain. From the 1994 vintage onwards, the French husband and wife team, lead by Jean Belondrade, set out to create a great barrel-fermented dry white wine with Burgundian philosophy and values, resulting in a limited production Verdejo cherished byContinue reading “Belondrade Y Lurton, a Grand Cru for 20+ years”

Christoph Hoch, next generation “on the rocks”

25 year old Christoph Hoch can build upon 370 years of wine making tradition in his family and training at renowned wineries in Austria, France and Italy. He focuses entirely on expressing the character of the unique rock formation coined “Hollenburger Konglomerat” and the special micro-climate of his terroir in his wines. The “Hollenburg conglomerate” is very rich in chalk,Continue reading “Christoph Hoch, next generation “on the rocks””