Paradigm Hill Pinot Noir 2002

Oh yeah! I hope no wine snob will ever dismiss Australian wines again! Of course the million bottle brand will not do it for you, but cooler Yarra and Mornington Peninsula in Victoria certainly bring forth stylish Pinots and Syrah (yes not Shiraz!).  Made in minute quantities by a scientist,  George Mihaly, this perfectly mature Paradigm HillContinue reading “Paradigm Hill Pinot Noir 2002”

Thomas Henry, new age sodas

Thomas Henry, as you all know, was the chap who invented soda water in England in 1773! But it took some quality-minded Germans to come up with this name for new age, or better, adult sodas in 2010. These are intensely flavored mixers for great long drinks, made from choice herbs and other ingredients. GotContinue reading “Thomas Henry, new age sodas”

Philippe Alliet Chinon Coteau de Noiré 2005

  Wines from the Loire, I wished there is more around in this part of the world! Have always been eagerly awaiting years to pass by before opening a bottle of Bourgeuil or Chinon from producers like Charles Joguet, Couly Dutheuil, Pierre Jacques Druet, Yannick Amirault, and of course Clos Rougeard in Saumur. And thisContinue reading “Philippe Alliet Chinon Coteau de Noiré 2005”

Dönnhoff Riesling Hermannshöhle 2007

  This is one of the best, the grandest, of all dry Riesling made in Germany.  A wine touched by the light hands of Helmut Dönnhoff, and now Cornelius his son, whom I just met at Prowein in Düsseldorf. Unfortunately I waited too long to open this vintage, and the acidity wasn’t around any longerContinue reading “Dönnhoff Riesling Hermannshöhle 2007”

Ruggeri Prosecco Vecchie Viti 2011

The sparkling wine category has grown rapidly in Thailand over the past 3 or 4 years, and the big winner has been Prosecco. To keep prices reasonable, many lower grade Spumanti made their way into the country, leaving experienced wine drinkers now waiving off their hands to the sound of Prosecco. The truth is thisContinue reading “Ruggeri Prosecco Vecchie Viti 2011”